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The Benedict Inn Retreat & Conference Center, a ministry of the Sisters of St. Benedict of Beech Grove, Indiana enhances lives through programs and rental facilities in a hospitable, peaceful environment.  

For peace of mind, body & spirit.

May we be guided by the wisdom of St. Benedict who said...

"All guests who present themselves are to be welcomed as Christ..."  Rule of St. Benedict 53:1


In 1990, we made a promise.

     It was to focus on the important task of training men and women, religious and lay, Catholic and non-Catholic for the sacred role of spiritual direction.  Since the first class convened in 1991, 203 believers have completed the two-year course with 16 others ready to receive their certificates this spring.  

After 30 years, one could say the promise has been kept.

     Designed to guide others in their relationship with God, spiritual directors are on the journey themselves.  Like any other ministry, they hear a call to be of service to others.  Spiritual Directors are companions to those longing to deepen their spiritual lives and, in the process, they strengthen their own relationship with God.  

     In the fall of 2020, the Benedict Inn will welcome a new class of prospective directors.  These students will begin a rigorous 4 semesters of intense preparation.  Becoming a spiritual director requires desire, time and money:  a desire to become holy and help others acquire holiness; attendance at 36 class periods over two years; and a fee of $3,980 ($995 per semester).  While many with the desire and time to pursue a certificate in spiritual direction can also afford the tuition, others cannot.  

     Would you consider being a sponsor with a gift to our Spiritual Direction Internship Scholarship Fund?  With your help, partial scholarships can be offered to assist those in need of financial aid.  Because we feel it is imperative that a student invest in his/her future as a spiritual director, requests may be made for up to - but not exceeding - $400 per semester.  Others may need less.

     It is evident to us, based upon 30 years of experience, that there is a growing interest in deepening one's relationship with God with the help of a spiritual director.  Your generous gift to the scholarship fund enables a continuation of the promise we made in 1990.  

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