2021* Angels Award Recipients

Angel Raphael

Marcy Renken

Celebrate Marriage Ministry

Angel Gabriel

Denise Jacobson

SON Foundation

Angel Michael

Justin Phillips

Overdose Lifeline

*Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, our 2020 and 2021 Angels of Grace luncheon was cancelled. In 2021, we presented the awards to our 2021 recipients privately. They will be recognized along with the 2022 honorees on September 24th at our 14th Annual luncheon. 

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2019 Angels Award Recipients

Angel Raphael

Ceil Woodard

St. Barnabas Catholic Church

Angel Gabriel

Stephanie Jeffers

Grit Into Grace

Angel Michael

Andrea DeMink


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2018 Angels Award Recipients
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Angel Raphael

Kathleen Yohe

Gigi's Playhouse

Angel Gabriel

Sister Tracy Horan, SP

Faith in Indiana

Angel Michael

Karen Beckworth