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Reflections from our Spiritual Directors


New Year Resolution Haiku


Jan Jett (SDI 1997)

Just a minute - pause

busy day but find

time-pause each day,

stop to PAUSE


to remember

pause and

listen to God

each day stop and PAUSE

Slowing Down

By Cindy Sturgeon (SDI 2013)

 With my focus on soul care this year, I began a new practice last night. At sundown I lit two candles (actually I bought two battery operated candles for this practice). Borrowing from the Jewish tradition I said a blessing to God for the gift of Sabbath and my commitment to honor the Sabbath more this year than I have in the past.

When I woke with the candles still shining, it reminded me of my commitment to be more intentional in spending the Sabbath worshipping and resting. It is just one small step on my journey this year to pause and let my soul catch up.

Here is to a new year of slowing down and really seeing the good in this world. Take off your shoes for there is holy ground all around you.


Sr. Antoinette Purcell, OSB (SDI 1997)


The winter storm didn’t live up

to expectations.  Deep snow

warnings didn’t materialize.


In anticipation some schools closed.

Others announced E-learning.

Whatever happened to snow days?


Only a few inches of white,

leaving some disappointed,

turned quickly to slush on roads


I rejoiced to see beauty as

trees and ground of white

covered drab brown and gray.


On our spiritual journey

we sometimes anticipate dread

rather than trusting in LOVE.


Disappointment or joy?

It all depends on

Expectations and openness.

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