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Spiritual Direction Internship Program

Registration has closed for the 2020 - 2022 Spiritual Direction Internship Program.  For more information on spiritual direction or SDI programs in the future, please continue to check our website or call Bev Hansberry.

Spiritual Direction Internship Program (SDI)

The Spiritual Direction Internship is a two-year program designed for a person who desires to enrich his or her spiritual life; to discern whether there is a calling to become a spiritual director; and to develop the skills needed for spiritual direction.  The internship is intended to meet the needs of the ecumenical community of Christians in the Indianapolis, Indiana and surrounding areas.  Participants in the internship are able to receive three hours of graduate credit per semester from Christian Theological Seminary, to those who meet matriculation and course requirements.  Those who wish to receive credit through CTS must follow the procedures and pay an additional processing fee to CTS.  In order to participate in the internship, the applicant is expected to be actively engaged in spiritual direction prior to entering the program.   The next SDI Program begins in September, 2022 through April, 2024.  Contact Bev Hansberry at 317-788-7581,  or email at spiritualdirection@benedictinn.org

Please consider donating to our Spiritual Direction Internship Scholarship Fund!  Your gift will provide tuition assistance to a student in need! All gifts are tax deductible! Thank you for supporting our Spiritual Direction Internship Scholarship Fund!

What is Spiritual Direction?

Spiritual Direction is a relationship between a trained, competent director and another person (directee) who desires to grow in relationship with God.  The spiritual director assists the directee in uncovering and discovering the direction of God in the everyday experience of life.  The directee yearns for a greater union with God and desires a deeper meaning of life so as to live more fully in God's presence.  The director listens and discerns the movements of the Spirit within the directee who grows spiritually day by day.  

Is spiritual direction the same as counseling?

Spiritual direction is different from therapy or counseling.  The primary focus of spiritual direction is for the directee to develop a deeper, more meaningful relationship with God. Whereas counseling or therapy focuses on a problem with a relationship or life event.  People usually enter counseling/therapy when something is wrong in their life. 

Are you interested in receiving spiritual direction?

For more information on receiving spiritual direction or locating a spiritual director, please contact Bev Hansberry at 317-788-7581 or email her at spiritualdirection@benedictinn.org.

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